Patch Management & End Point Management


A critical part of Cyber security is to ensure the operating system (OS) and other key applications are updated and patched on a regular basis.  Hackers take advantage of security holes in the operating system and common applications as soon as the security risks become knowledge.  To help reduce your risks it is important to update and patch your OS and common applications as much as possible.

We have a few systems that can on a routine patch and update your workstations and servers automatically during low use times late at night. This keeps your workstations and servers up to date with the latest versions to help reduce the risk of cyber attacks and protect against the unauthorized exploitation of systems, networks and technologies.

OverWatch Patch Management

$7 month / per device

$300 setup fee




Bundle of advanced patch management tools with no need for onsite server, data vaults, or repositories.

  • OS Patch Management
  • Popular Software Updates
  • Small Endpoint deployment package.
  • Easy to understand Reports
  • Self programmable bots
  • Zero-Hassle Solution
  • Streamline Inventory 
  • Automated Workflows
  • Group Policies
  • Ensure Compliance

Patch Management made easy!

The future of patch management with cloud basis management console.  Great to use for cloud VDs, and locally hosted systems.  One stop location for all your security updates, patches and popular application updates.


  • Deploy – load any software on any machine anywhere in the world.
  • Patch – Update software to fix vulnerabilities across operating systems. 
  • Configure – Manage settings across clients, servers, VMs, containers, and cloud instances.


Patching & Endpoint Management Simplified:

Overwatch Patch enables our expert team to manage all of your organization’s endpoints one premise and remote worldwide through the cloud-native console.


  1. Easy to Use
  2. Patch and Software Updates automatically
  3. Respond quickly to discovered issues or emergency patch releases.
  4. Easy to manage patching for onsite or offsite end point devices.


Overwatch – Patch combines:

Zero-Touch, cloud-native endpoint patch management platform from the cyberhygiene authorities at Automax.

24/7 monitoring and management by expert security analysis from the OW Security Operations Center (SOC).

Cyber Security:

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