We have partners in Cyber Insurance and Mobile Device Insurance.

Like fire insurance and other forms of insurance. Cyber Insurance and Mobile Device Insurance is becoming a necessity to offset potential lose.

Let us help your navigate the are of Cyber Insurance and Mobile Device Insurance. 


Cyber Insurance


Mobile Device Insurance


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We have a different options on Cyberr Insurance and Equipment Replacement Insurance. Let us help you discover options that meet you needs at a good price.


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Protect your business with cyber’s insurance and mobile device insurance. Do not allow a mishap or bad agent destroy your business.


Cyber Insurance


Mobile Device Insurance

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Additional protection from security incidents, HR issues, and lawsuits.  A bit of insurance in the right areas can help protect your company from high cost expenses.


Business Insurance 

  • cyber insurance – one stop shop for multiple quotes, free review, and help getting just what you need at a reasonable price.
  • mobile device insurance – cover your losses from lost, stolen, damaged cell phones, tablets, chromebooks, laptops.


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Let us help put you in contact with real professionals that can guide you to best options.


We have been helping businesses with technology since 1999 – Omega Magnus Corp.

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Let us help improve your cyber security fabric today!

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More Advanced Cybersecurity is AVAILABLE to protect your business.

The bad actors are only getting better at attacking businesses, is your company protected?

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