Remote Workers

 You are paying your remote worker and mobile worker to work, but are they really working?

We have an easy-to-manage, non-hardware solution to track the individual remote workers’ / mobile workers’ productivity on their computer(s).

  1. Month to Month per device
  2. Tracking by time, date, application and internet traffic (where they went and for how long).
  3. Advanced reporting and easy to export PDF reports by individual.
  4. Advanced Web Gateway security, malware protection, content filtering, and SSL website inspection.



The engagement add-on provides details on what the employee spent their work time doing on the computer.  It tracks total activity time for each day.  Lists what programs used and for how long. Website locations and for how long. Streaming activity total time and what application used for streaming. Total time on the computer by day.  All this information tracked without an significant impact on computer resources.  Has customization to block out lunch time and end of shift times. 

Cyber Secure Web Gateway

The cyber security system is a cloud managed solution for end points (computers and laptops) at the office, mobile and remote workers.

It provides a DNS and SSL inspect level security, content filter, and blocks malware.

The service is installed on a per endpoint month to month agreement.  No long contracts, No hardware to install or maintain.  The web console provides detailed reports, management, and real time statistics. 

The service works on office network computers, as well as on remote workers and mobile workers. 

Advanced service that is more than web filtering security:

  • DNS level security and protection
  • Total Endpoint Protection from devices in the office and outside the office.
  • Cloud Based Management – centrally managed and deployed with a single click. Eliminated the need to maintain costly hardware. Updates are sent to all protected devices regardless of their physical location eliminating the need to VPN or remote control device for updates or changes of this service.
  • Machine Learning Optimization – capable of learning from each new deployment and scanned site, the service self optimizes as it learns and environment changes.  Then benefits are shared to all the devices to provide better protection. 
  • Better Security Visibility – Through the systems intuitive cloud dashboard and detailed reporting. It can provide levels of visibility other systems can not. Monitor traffic logs, track activity, see who did what, when and where they did it.
  • Scales easily with new devices, monthly service so you can use it on devices that need it and not the whole company.  The system can grow or shrink as needed to fit your company model. 




You do not want to invest in expensive security hardware at your remote workers home. Yet want to protect them from potential cyber security risks. Then this monthly service can help.


You want to protect your company from your remote worker!

Multilayer solution for remote workers, mobile workers, companies that do not want to invest in expensive network hardware.


More Advanced Cybersecurity is AVAILABLE to protect your business.

The bad actors are only getting better at attacking businesses, is your company protected?

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